Choosing your setup



There are two different types of boards to choose from: Maple & Bamboo.



Our maple decks are made with traditional 7 ply Canadian rock maple that most skate decks are made with. Maple decks have slightly more pop than bamboo decks, but aren’t as rigid as bamboo; either deck rides great and get the job done, it just depends on your personal preference.




Our bamboo-maple hybrid decks are made with a 5 ply Canadian rock maple core and 2  (top and bottom of vertically laminated bamboo). The bamboo plys make this deck stronger, slightly lighter and more rigid(providing more edge control/responsiveness than the pure maple deck) 







Freebord’s Da Blues wheels are the result of extensive R&D. Fueled by rider progression and tested by Freebord’s Pro Team, Da Blues are the highest performance wheel in our lineup. Their custom shape, custom urethane and 45mm contact patch provide maximum grip while still delivering a consistent and predictable slide. Freebord’s most durable wheel will elevate your riding no matter what style of rider you are. You will find these wheels under the feet of every Freebord Pro Team rider. Poured in California.






Freebord’s Greengo wheels are the latest creation from our super-secret underground Urethane Lab. While they offer a similar shape as the iconic Slasher wheels, they are poured with an upgraded urethane offering a better balance of slide and grip and well as increased durability. The Greengos are also slightly smaller coming in at 78mm, compared to the Slashers 80mm profile. As Freebord’s mid-level wheel, Greengos are great for any style of riding as well as any experience level.


Choosing the correct deck size is extremely important because it determines your stance width – or how far apart your bindings will be.

Freebord decks come in 75 , 77 , 80, 83, and 85 cm lengths. While some riders prefer a wider stance and others prefer a narrow stance, a rider’s height is the best indicator of how wide your stance will be.



So, what do all these measurements mean?

Freebord decks follow the same industry standard sizing method as snowboards. Here’s a breakdown of each measurement:
The length of our boards are measured in centimeters.

The stance width is measured from the middle of each of the bindings.

The width is measured at the widest section of the deck.


What size should I get then?

Listed below is theofficial Freebord sizing chart.  It lists all the measurements I mentioned earlier; it also includes a height range beside each size.

Say you are 5’6″ you would ride a 77cm deck.  Pretty easy huh? Let’s try another, you’re around 5’9″ so you ride an 80cm deck. Okay, fairly straightforward, now say you’re 6’1″, uh oh, looks like you have a decision to make between an 83 or 85cm deck.  This is when all of those other measurements come in extremely handy, consider the following:

If you’re 6’1″ technically both boards could fit you, but it really comes down to preference on the width of your stance and the width of the deck.

Some people enjoy a larger stance due to the extra stability a larger deck gives you. Again, this is all preference, so if you have had experience with any boardsports in the past, you may prefer one over the other, but in the end either board should work for you.

* If you have large feet (size 12+ US mens), we recommend considering the 85 or the 83cm deck due to the larger width – it helps with limiting wheel-bite.

Already have a setup and want to learn how to keep it tuned? Click here to find out how.